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Burning machine phenomenon in small high and low temperature integrated machine

The small high-low temperature integrated machine is used for the temperature control of the connected reactor in the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Once the burning phenomenon occurs during operation, we need to pay special attention to analyze the occurrence and causes of such failures and solve them in time.

In the event of a small high-low temperature integrated machine burning phenomenon, first find out whether the motor burns the bearing or burns the coil. If it is a fault of the burning coil, it is mainly caused by overcurrent. Sometimes the voltage is too high or too low, which will cause the coil to be short-circuited. Therefore, check whether the voltage during operation is too much difference from the rated voltage.

The current short circuit of the small high and low temperature integrated machine may have the following reasons: the equipment is overloaded, so that the motor runs at rated current or over rated current for a long time; the mechanical failure of the pump causes the motor to be overloaded, and the current is too large to burn the coil; There is a problem with the heat dissipation of the motor. If the cooling water (air) is broken and the coil cannot be dissipated, the coil may be burned; the actual lift is too low for the lift of the pump nameplate.

The reasons for the motor burning can be divided into: load, power supply, motor insulation, and lack of equal. The lack of phase is generally caused by the lack of phase of the power supply (one phase is not supplied or the supply voltage is insufficient) or the contact point of the contactor in the line is not closed, the wire connection point is broken, loose or contact position oxidation occurs. The motor is connected in a delta connection: only one phase winding is burned, and the insulation breakdown of the one-phase winding to the ground can be measured with a megger (shake table). The motor is star-shaped (Y) connection: two-phase windings will burn out, and the two-phase windings can be measured for damage to the ground by a megger (shaker).

Overloading is generally caused by long-time overcurrent operation of the motor, overheating, frequent starting or braking, and wiring errors (triangulation is connected to the star). The cause of overheating is: Exceeding the load operation, causing the motor to heat up. Or the motor starts frequently, causing the motor to overheat. The reason for this is that the enameled wire caused by the motor manufacturing process is broken. The reason for this is that the phase paper is not in place, or the phase paper (casing) is broken. The reason for the ground strike is that the distance between the coil and the end cap base is not enough.

The motor failure above the small high and low temperature integrated machine hopes that everyone can find the fault in time and solve it in time to better help the equipment to run efficiently.
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