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Precautions for operation of ethylene glycol utra-low temperature chiller at minus 30 degrees

The minus 30 degree ethylene glycol utra-low temperature chiller is a device that is used more in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. When using it, you need to pay attention to its operating specifications to operate it. If used improperly, it will cause a short service life.

Refrigerant leakage will not only affect the refrigeration efficiency of the minus 30 degree ethylene glycol utra-low temperature chiller, but also may affect the health of the personnel entering and leaving the equipment room due to refrigerant leakage, so the refrigerant leakage problem must be paid attention to.

Under normal circumstances, the refrigerant is not a consumable item, so it will not be missing frequently. If it is frequently or suddenly missing, it is recommended to check whether the refrigerant of the minus 30 degree ethylene glycol utra-low temperature chiller has leakage problems. If there is a leakage problem, it should be timely Find the leakage point and make up for the leakage, or replace the relevant refrigerant pipelines and connectors. If necessary, forced ventilation should also be performed.

The second is the load. To put it bluntly, it is not just the load of the compressor. The compressor must be coordinated with the machinery including the condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, etc. to be able to normally cool. In addition, there are water pumps and water towers or air-cooled utra-low temperature chiller. Fan systems, etc., these are compatible with each other. If the load of the utra-low temperature chiller exceeds the standard, it will not just be that the compressor is not enough, and all other parts and components will have the problem of excessive pressure! Larger loads, or exceeding the rated load, will cause overload and will affect more serious problems, including a series of problems such as decreased cooling efficiency, increased noise, increased vibration amplitude, excessive consumption of electrical resources, reduced life, etc. requires attention!

It can be said that the parameters related to temperature and pressure are important parameters of the minus 30 degree ethylene glycol utra-low temperature chiller. Enterprises should pay attention to the parameters related to the temperature and pressure of the equipment, and solve problems in a timely manner. In the process of use, we also need to pay attention to its maintenance and use instructions. Lneya provides minus 30 degrees ethylene glycol utra-low temperature chiller equipment to provide users with professional after-sales service.

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