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Introduction of refrigerators for metal workpieces such as deep-frozen bearings

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LNEYA’s continuous-freezing work piece cryogenic box has a fast cooling rate, and the low temperature can reach -150℃. It can be used for cold assembly of bearings and mechanical parts. The cryogenic treatment can improve the mechanical properties of the parts, enhance their stability, wear resistance, etc., and operate the equipment. convenient.

The refrigeration effect of the metal workpiece deep-freezing low-temperature refrigerator:

Bearings are a common component in contemporary machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body to reduce the friction coefficient of the mechanical load during the transmission of the equipment. In order to achieve easy assembly, the metal workpiece cryogenic box developed and manufactured by LNEYA uses its refrigeration effect to cool the parts that need to be installed in the base hole, so that the outer dimension shrinks, thereby creating an assembly gap, and achieving the purpose of easy assembly of the parts. The cryogenic equipment adopts the man-machine interface + PLC + module programmable control mode, real-time monitoring of internal temperature changes, with manual and automatic dual operation functions, simple operation and strong reliability. The function of continuous freezing makes the constant temperature and cooling processes of the product uniform and stable, and the automatic alarm will be triggered when the heat preservation is over. The stainless steel case is beautiful and durable, and it is insulated with a high-density polyurethane foam insulation layer. The system structure is reasonable, the manufacturing process is standardized, the component layout is compact, the operation is simple, the function is powerful, and the user-friendly communication interface.

The operation of deep-freezing low-temperature refrigerator for metal workpieces:

During the operation, only a simple verification of the reference size is required. After cooling, there is no need to measure the size, and the assembly can be directly carried out, which is safe and reliable! It is simple and convenient while greatly saving the cost of traditional assembly.
In the past heat treatment assembly, when the assembly cannot be installed, workers often need to use a sledgehammer or use a crane to lift heavy objects to complete the assembly. This operation is dangerous. With cold loading, small workpieces can be completed by one person, and the parts only need to be placed in the base hole. During the hot fitting process, the base hole parts need to be heated and then cooled in the air. This process is equivalent to a low temperature quenching treatment on the parts, which reduces the hardness and strength of the parts.

Mainly used in the heat treatment industry. Through the cryogenic processing of various tools, cutting tools, molds, drill bits, precision mechanical parts, oil nozzles, gears, and bearings, the matrix structure is improved and refined, the matrix structure is strengthened, and the dimensional stability is enhanced. Improve product hardness and wear resistance. Welcome to contact us for specific parameters and more video introductions.

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