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Method for connecting reaction kettle and electric control cabinet of reaction equipment

The supporting equipment of the reaction kettle is the temperature control product provided by our company for the majority of users for the users. When the user selects the equipment for the reaction kettle, it is necessary to understand the connection between the reaction kettle and the electric control cabinet.

The connection method of the reaction kettle and the electric control cabinet in the auxiliary equipment of the reaction kettle, the signal transmission line of the electric control cabinet system is connected with the temperature sensor on the reaction kettle body, the connection with the heating system switch cabinet and the three-way valve, and the oil supply pipe and The oil pump on the oil return pipe is connected; the electric control cabinet of the auxiliary equipment of the reaction kettle is connected with the power source; the oil supply pipe outputted by the heating system and the cooler output oil pipe are connected through the three-way valve, and the three-way merge valve outlet and the reaction kettle inlet pipe pass through the pipe The road connection; the circulating oil pump is arranged on the oil return pipe; the charge pump is arranged on the oil filling pipe between the oil storage tank and the expansion oil tank.

The electric control cabinet of the auxiliary equipment of the reaction kettle is to assemble the switchgear, measuring instrument, protective electric appliance and auxiliary equipment in the closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or the screen according to the electrical wiring requirements. The arrangement should meet the requirements of the normal operation of the power system. Maintenance control cabinet (box) that does not endanger the safety of the person and surrounding equipment. Including (distribution cabinet) (distribution box) (electrical control cabinet), etc., the circuit can be switched on or off by manual or automatic switch during normal operation. In the event of malfunction or abnormal operation, the circuit or alarm is cut off by means of a protective device. The measuring instrument can display various parameters during operation, and can also adjust some electrical parameters to prompt or signal the deviation from the normal working state.

The electrical part of the LNEYA reactor is also very important. Users need to understand the electrical part to avoid self-operation, so as to avoid the failure of the equipment of the reactor.

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