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Gear assembly refrigerator

Gear assembly refrigerator

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Gearbox gear cold assembly refrigerator cryogenic process can improve the performance of metal materials. Effective and economical technical indicators. During the cryogenic process of martensite, the residual austenite is transformed, and the properties of fine and dispersed carbides change in the material. The ultra-fine carbides that can prevent the movement of dislocations, thereby strengthening the matrix structure and exerting the effect of strengthening the grain boundaries. The following three aspects are improved: impact toughness, wear resistance, and dimensional stability.

In the industry, the treatment method of further cooling the material after ordinary heat treatment to 100 ℃ ~ 196 ℃ is called cryogenic treatment, which can reduce the content of residual Olympics, promote the precipitation of fine carbides, reduce intercrystalline tensile stress, and thus improve the following macroscopic properties .

Train mechanical gearbox gear cold assembly refrigerator cold assembly has the following advantages compared to hot assembly and press-fit assembly:
1) Safety: The cold assembly process is safer and more reliable, and the workpiece is not easy to be damaged; the hot assembly process has a high temperature on the site, which can easily cause burns to personnel, and the workpiece can be damaged if pressed into the assembly.
2) Processability: The quality of cold assembly is high, the centering of the workpiece is good, and the bearing capacity is strong; the quality of the hot assembly is not easy to control, the workpiece is easily deformed, and the parts and the base hole are not firmly combined when pressed into the assembly.
3) Operability: The cold assembly operation is simple and convenient, economical and practical; the hot assembly process is complicated, requiring workers to repeatedly check the aperture size, and pressing into the assembly requires that the center line of the hole and the shaft be consistent. Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

The inner wall is made of stainless steel and has a composite thermal insulation structure. The internal airflow structure constitutes a closed circuit cycle and the cooling speed is fast. At present, this technology has been widely used in aerospace, marine, military, manufacturing, automotive, hardware tools, sports equipment and other industries.

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