You Know What Technical Problems You Need to Know before You Buy A Low Temperature Chamber

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Because the principle and structure of each low temperature chamber are very complex, but do you know what technical matters you need to know before buying its equipment? Next, I want to share with you several technical issues before purchasing the equipment.

Question 1: Is the temperature change rate of temperature impact test the faster the better?
Explanation: Is the temperature change rate faster and better in the temperature impact test? Does the temperature change rate have any effect on the test results? What kind of temperature change rate is the good impact temperature change rate?

Question 2: What should I do to shorten the test time?
Explanation: When I do high temperature and humidity test or impact test, is there any way to shorten my test time so that the test results are the same?

Question 3: How to distinguish the temperature shock and temperature cycle of low temperature chamber?
Explanation: Where is the difference between temperature shock and temperature cycle, or are they all the same, just called differently?

Question 4: Should the impact temperature be OVER or below the set value?
Explanation: In the process of impact, should the impact temperature be higher or lower than the set value?

Question 5: Question in the experiment: Points for holding the sample to be tested?
Explanation: To put the test in the test furnace, how to get it right?

Question 6: Does the low temperature chamber first flush high temperature or low temperature?
Explanation: In the temperature impact test, how to decide if the specification does not require high temperature or low temperature first?

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