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Purchasing a special chiller for etching machine and precautions for operation

The special chiller for etching machine is used for testing of components, chips, etc. These industries are more supporting use, so what aspects should be paid attention to when choosing the chiller for etching machine drilling? What should I pay attention to when operating?

Key points for purchasing special chiller for etching machine:

1. When choosing a special chiller for etching machines, companies need to choose according to their own working conditions, and avoid choosing too small or too large equipment

2. The key parts of the internal parts of the special chiller for the etching machine should be paid attention to, especially the performance of the main parts such as the compressor and the evaporator. Once the quality of the key parts is poor, the overall performance of the equipment will be affected.

3. After determining the main performance configuration of the special chiller for the etching machine, you can compare multiple quotations, pay attention to the control of the purchase cost and the comprehensive comparison of performance, and select the appropriate unit.

4. Be careful not to buy a refurbished machine to avoid various failures during use

Precautions for the operation of the special chiller for the etching machine:

1. Before installing the special chiller for the etching machine, check whether the equipment is damaged and whether it is installed in a suitable position

2. It is recommended to choose a flat ground with normal room temperature for the installation location of the special chiller for the etching machine, and leave enough space around for heat dissipation.

3. The chiller dedicated to the etching machine should pay attention to the stability of the chilled water under load, and the water flow speed of the evaporator condenser should be kept within the range;

4. The design and installation of the cooling water pipe of the unit need to be carried out according to the working conditions. The location of the chilled water pump needs to ensure its positive pressure and flow, and the piping should pay attention to its shock-absorbing pipe to ensure proper flexibility;

5. The special chiller for the etching machine should be firm to avoid pressure and danger during the operation of the special chiller for the etching machine;

6. The special chiller for the etching machine needs to clean the pipes, condensers and evaporators regularly to ensure operating performance.

To Sum Up
When choosing a special chiller for etching machine, you need to find a manufacturer with after-sales service to purchase. Such manufacturers will provide corresponding product manuals when the equipment leaves the factory. Users can use and maintain according to the product manuals.
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