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Workflow and Equipment Composition of Oil Refining and Dewaxing

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The oil dewaxing process is based on the melting point difference between the wax and the oil and the solubility of the wax in the oil becomes smaller as the temperature decreases, and the crystalline wax is precipitated by cooling. Then through the filter separation surface to achieve the purpose of wax oil separation.

The dewaxing process is as follows:
Refined oil – pre-cooling – crystallization – crystal growth – filtration – refined oil

Pre-cooling tank:
Due to the high temperature of the refined oil wax, use the pre-cooling tank to cool the oil temperature in advance to reduce the cooling time of the crystallization tank.

Crystallization tank:
The cooling oil is poured directly into the crystallization tank for crystallization. When crystallizing, the stirring speed is slow, generally 5-8 rpm, so that the oil temperature is cooled evenly, and the ideal crystallization effect is achieved.

Crystal jar:
After crystallization, crystal growth is carried out, which provides conditions for the growth of wax fat crystal grains. The temperature is generally controlled between 15-25°C.

The well-raised oil is first filtered through its own self-pressure, and then the frequency conversion screw pump is started when the filtering speed is slow, and it is filtered when it is adjusted to a certain speed, so as to achieve the separation of oil and wax.
The main components of the complete set of dewaxing equipment are: crystal growth crystallization tank, filter, dewaxing oil tank, wax paste tank, refrigeration unit, frozen brine pool primary gear pump, pipeline pump and other equipment.

When oil equipment manufacturers design the oil production line plan, they will choose whether to configure dewaxing equipment according to factors such as the type and grade of oil. Provide customers with suitable design solutions by understanding their needs.

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