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Four Key Points of Water Cooled Chiller Installation

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The installation of water-cooled chiller can be carried out from four aspects: first, the installation of chiller, then the installation of water pipe, water pipe cleaning and equipment insulation. Do not underestimate the installation of this part, which will directly affect the safe and stable operation of the water-cooled chiller. Here are four key installation points.

1. Installation of water-cooled chiller (mainly foundation anti vibration device)
We all know that a flat and spacious place must be selected for equipment installation, and the chiller is no exception. Many users will do a good job of foundation pouring and embed four horizontal sizing blocks before installing the chiller. Generally, the water chiller has four anchors. An adjusting base plate with two adjusting screw holes can be prepared for the anchors to adjust the levelness of the whole water chiller, and the extra gap after adjustment can be filled with concrete mortar. After the mortar is dry, the adjusting bolt can be removed, the positioning bolt can be left, and the fixing measures shall be taken for the chiller.

2. Installation of water pipe of water-cooled chiller
It is mainly the external water pipes of the evaporator and condenser. If it is a double return water pipe, it is arranged on the same side. If it is a single return or three return waterway, it is arranged on both sides. The inlet and outlet of the condenser and evaporator of the water-cooled chiller are from the bottom to the top. Remarks: water will be transported from the cooling water tower to the chiller and from the chiller to the cooled equipment through the water pump, so the water pipe installation must be carried out according to the installation diagram provided by the chiller manufacturer.

3. Water pipe cleaning of water-cooled chiller
After installing the water pipe for the equipment, the leakage test shall be conducted for the whole water system. After passing the leak test, the water pipe can be cleaned. When cleaning the water pipe, first confirm whether the placement direction of the water pump is correct, and open all inlet and outlet pipeline valves. After the pipeline is fully filled with water, start the chilled water pump and cooling water pump, stop the water pump after continuous operation for two hours, drain all cold water and clean the water pump filter.

4. Thermal insulation of water-cooled chiller
When the temperature in the system is lower than the ambient temperature, there will be a loss of refrigeration capacity. In order to reduce this loss, it is recommended to wrap a layer of thermal insulation material in the low-temperature part of equipment and pipelines. After the water-cooled chiller is installed and the system pressure test is carried out, the evaporator shell or evaporator water tank, compressor inlet pipe, return pipe, etc. shall be insulated.

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