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Solution to High and Low Pressure Fault of Water Cooled Chiller

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The method to eliminate the shortcomings of high and low pressure of water-cooled chiller has always been a key point and difficulty in the industry, so it is very important to master the solutions to the shortcomings of high and low pressure of water-cooled chiller. The reason can be preliminarily identified as poor water quality, and corresponding impurities (leaves, weeds, etc.) enter the water distribution hole, which affects the heat dissipation of the cooling water tower. Next, I will introduce the reasons and solutions for the high and low pressure disadvantages of a water-cooled chiller.

Causes and solutions of high and low pressure disadvantages of water-cooled chiller:

In the application of water-cooled chiller, we often encounter high and low pressure alarm of chiller! In terms of high pressure, it is generally poor heat dissipation, which will lead to poor cooling effect of the chiller. For a long time, high pressure will also lead to high current and burn out the compressor. Generally, there is no cold coal or cold coal leakage in the low pressure alarm. The compressor will also be damaged if it works at low pressure for a long time.

Generally, water-cooled chillers have high and low pressure gauges, which are divided into high pressure and low pressure. In addition, industrial chillers are roughly divided into air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers: at present, the surface plate of industrial chillers on the market is divided into computer board and manual control board. High pressure and low pressure of computer board are well separated, but generally, the high and low pressure alarm lights of manual control board chillers are together, so it is not so easy to distinguish.

Therefore, you should first know whether the chiller you are using is an air-cooled chiller or a water-cooled chiller, whether it is a computer board or a manual control board, whether it is a high-pressure alarm or a low-pressure alarm. For the high-pressure alarm of the air-cooled chiller, you need to clean the cooling network, and for the low-pressure alarm, you need to check whether the cold coal leaks or the pressure gauge has no pressure, The high pressure alarm of water-cooled chiller requires cleaning the condenser. Low pressure alarm also depends on whether the pressure gauge has no pressure, so it is necessary to check the leakage, make up the deficiency and add cold coal.

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