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What is the reason for non condensable gas in the condenser of ultra-low temperature cooling water c

When the ultra-low temperature cooling water chiller is running, it is necessary to pay attention to the gas state generated by the condenser under a certain temperature and pressure. The existence of these gases affects the operation of the ultra-low temperature cooling water chiller. What is the reason?

1. The refrigeration system is not fully drained before charging refrigerant

Before the ultra-low temperature cooling water chiller is charged with the refrigerator, the compressor cylinder, condenser, evaporator and system pipeline in the refrigeration system have been filled with air. In order to eliminate these air before charging the refrigerant, it is necessary to vacuum the refrigeration system of the ultra-low temperature cooling water chiller. Sometimes, due to subjective and objective reasons, the vacuum in the refrigeration system is insufficient, If it fails to meet the requirements, a small amount of air is left inside the system.

2. Bring in when filling refrigerant

Before filling the refrigerant in the refrigeration system of the ultra-low temperature cooling water chiller, the pipes used for filling are filled with air. Due to human and other reasons, when filling the refrigerant, the air in the pipes is not exhausted, so they are directly connected to the refrigeration system, and these air enter the refrigeration system with the filled refrigerant.

3. Non condensable gas is mixed during maintenance of refrigeration system

When the refrigeration system of ultra-low temperature cooling water chiller works for a long time, it is inevitable to check, repair or clean and replace, so sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the machinery or pipeline, and the air often enters the refrigeration system in the process of disassembly and installation.

4. Chemical reaction from refrigerant

In the ammonia refrigeration system of ultra-low temperature cooling water chiller, refrigerant ammonia can be decomposed into ammonia and hydrogen at a certain temperature and pressure, and its decomposition degree has a positive relationship with temperature and pressure. The higher the temperature is, the greater the pressure is, the easier it is to decompose ammonia.

In the freon refrigeration system, freon may react with impurities mixed into the system to produce non condensable gas. For example, R12 reacts with water under certain conditions to produce carbon dioxide

5. The decomposition of lubricating oil will also produce non condensable gas

Among the lubricating oils used in the refrigeration system, some lubricating oils, such as mineral lubricating oil, can decompose under complex working conditions to produce a variety of hydrocarbon gases, which will be mixed into the refrigerant in the system.

These are the reasons for non condensable gas in the ultra-low temperature cooling water chiller. Users try to avoid these reasons in use and operate the ultra-low temperature cooling water system stably.
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