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The Instruction Of Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Minus 80 Degrees

The machine must be tested before usage (or before it is energized again) in the following conditions: when ultra low temperature freezer is first used in ultra low temperature freezer minus 80 degrees, or after the ultra low temperature freezer is moved, or ultra low temperature freezer outages (including power failure) for more than 10 hours. It passes with the qualification certification.

The equipment of ultra low temperature freezer minus 80 degrees can only be powered up after standing in the freezer for at least 24 hours. There is no item in the empty box. After starting the machine, it will be phased into two stages, first to cooling the freezer to minus 40 degrees. Then it should be cooling to minus 60 degrees after formal start and stop. After that, it should be cooling to minus 80 degrees after formally opening and stopping for 8 hours. The cold plate freezer is prove to have normal performance if it can formally start and stop for more than 24 hours.

Items can be stored in the freezer after the operation follows to ultra low temperature freezer minus 80 degrees, which confirms that the freezer is normal. Principally, ultra low temperature freezer minus 80 degrees should stored the items of minus 60 degrees with no more than 1/3 of the box capacity. If the temperature of stored item is higher than minus 60 degrees, the temperature of freezer should be set nearly 3 degrees higher than the item temperature (that is, if the item temperature is 20 degrees, then the temperature of low temperature freezer should be set at 23 degrees) to ensure that the freezer is shut down and has formally started and stopped for 8 hours.

Note: ultra low temperature freezer minus 80 degrees is the equipment for preservation, so it is strictly prohibited to put too much of the relatively too hot items. It will keep the compressor working for a long time. In this condition, the temperature is too high to burn the compressor. And, items must be put in batches. The temperature should be cooling in phases until achieving the required low temperature.

If you want to know about more information besides these instructions of ultra low temperature freezer minus 80 degrees, please directly ask the professional technical personnel of Wuxi Guanya for help, the most reliable one in ultra low temperature freezer manufacturers.
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