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How to solve the problem that the cooling pump centrifugal pump power consumption becomes larger?

There are many opportunities for the centrifugal pump in the chiller, but the failure of the centrifugal pump will affect the use of the chiller. Therefore, do not worry if the centrifugal pump power becomes larger, find out the cause in time, and solve it in time.

The cooling machine centrifugal pump works by rotating the impeller to make the water centrifugally. Before the pump starts, the pump casing and the suction pipe must be filled with water, and then the motor is started, so that the pump shaft drives the impeller and water to perform high-speed rotary motion. Centrifugal movement occurs, and is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller, and flows into the water pressure pipe of the water pump through the flow path of the volute pump casing.

The reasons for the increase in power are summarized below, as follows:

The matching of the cooling machine pump is unreasonable. The pressure and displacement of the modified pump or the replaced pump are improved compared with the original pump, and the power of the motor is too small; the outlet valve is too large and the pump pressure is too low. The pump displacement exceeds the specified value of the nameplate too much, and the deviation from the working point is too much; the cooling machine packing pressure is too tight; the cooling machine power supply voltage is too low, the current exceeds the rated value; the cooling motor or pump is seriously different, the vibration is serious; the pump The friction between the inner rotor and the stator component is severe; the rotor of the cooling motor is turbulent, the position is not correct, the journal step and the bearing end face or the coupling and the oil seal cover are ground; the cooling coupling coupling buffer damping rubber ring is too tight, and the pump pushes forward The motor coupling and the bearing cover are ground; the balance plate of the cooling machine is not opened, the grinding is severely performed, and the balance return pipe is hot; the radial clearance of the pressure relief sleeve or the balance plate is too small, the deflection is too large, and the operation is worn; When the cooling pump is started, serious internal faults occur, such as the mouth ring, the bushing falling off or the matching clearance is too small; the pump shaft is too rigid and bending deformation.

In the face of the above-mentioned failure of the centrifugal pump of the cooling machine, according to the situation on the site, timely take corresponding measures to deal with it, get in touch with the power supply unit, and adjust the supply voltage to within the specified range;

Adjust the opening degree of the outlet valve to make it run at the normal working condition; properly control the pump pressure and displacement, reduce the running current of the motor; adjust the tightness of the packing gland.

If the above measures can not be eliminated, the pump should be stopped for inspection and treatment. Specific treatment measures: 1 re-empting and draining the air inside the pump; 2 checking and adjusting the lubricating oil pressure, repairing or replacing the bearing bush; 3 replacing the coupling minus Shock rubber ring; 4 repair or replace the balance plate; 5 to carry out three guarantee operations, repair and replace damaged parts; 6 with the professional team to deal with motor failure.

If you still can't solve the cooling centrifugal pump in time, contact the professional manufacturer for technical guidance!
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