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What are the functions of the chip production high and low temperature aging test chamber?

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At present, the chip wafer production industry is facing unprecedented challenges and changes. In addition to technology, output has always been a concern in the industry. We all know that the birth of a chip requires many processes, and a good chip depends on testing.

The test of the chip industry is related to the quality of each chip version, so the chip high and low temperature aging test box is very necessary in the development of the chip industry.

The complexity of chips is getting higher and higher. In order to ensure that there are no problems with the chips that leave the factory, it is necessary to test before leaving the factory to ensure functional integrity. As the chip is a mass-produced thing, large-scale automated testing is Weiyi’s solution. It is impossible to accomplish such a task by manual or bench test. The chip high and low temperature aging test box is actually a relatively large category, which is generally divided into wafer test and final test from the test objects. The objects are chips that have not been packaged and chips that have been packaged. Why is it divided into two paragraphs? Simply put, because packaging also has a cost, in order to save costs as much as possible, a part of the test may be performed before the chip is packaged to exclude some broken chips. In order to ensure that the chips shipped from the factory are all right, the final test, that is, the FT test, is an interception, and it is also a necessary link.

Generally speaking, the chip high and low temperature aging test box includes pin connectivity test, leakage current test, some DC (direct current) test, functional test (functional test), Trim test, and some other tests according to the chip type. For example, AD/DA will have some special test types. The purpose of chip testing is to save costs as much as possible while finding the correct chips. Therefore, defects that are easy to detect or more common will be tested first. Generally speaking, the first thing we will do is connectivity test, which we call continuity test. This is to check whether the connectivity of each pin is normal.

The chip high and low temperature aging test box mainly saves costs for the chip industry, and can give priority to selecting good quality chips.

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