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Main points of maintenance of LNEYA ultra-low temperature refrigeration circulator

Ultra-low temperature refrigeration circulators need to be maintained after a long period of operation, so what aspects should be paid attention to?

Check and maintain the ultra-low temperature refrigeration circulator on time. It can find problems such as pipe blockage, foreign matter, impurities, etc., and can plan the cleaning and finishing operations of radiating water pipes, cooling water towers, and cooling water filling operations of cooling water towers for ultra-low temperature cooling. Long-term and stable operation of the circulator.

The circuit system of the ultra-low temperature refrigeration circulator also needs to be checked and maintained, and the problem should be solved as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause greater problems. The check should be based on the basic voltage and current, the electric resources need to be increased and so on, and then check whether the components are working normally, whether they are normal, etc.

Regular inspection and maintenance:
Even if the LNEYA ultra-low temperature refrigeration circulator is not in operation for a long time, it should be checked and maintained, and the operation should be started on time to avoid unavoidable problems such as oxidation of the water pump, compressor and related components due to prolonged non-operation.

Check and maintain the ultra-low temperature refrigeration circulator on time to find the problem early: avoid excessive wear of the components. Severe wear of components may cause the machine to stop. For example, the rotor, bearing, piston, etc. of the screw compressor have fixed wear. Checking on time helps to find the problem in time and deal with it in time. Once the check interval is too long or there is no regular maintenance, ultra-low temperature cooling The compressor of the circulator may not be repaired and will be directly obsolete.

Regular inspection and maintenance---fan system or water cooling system can ensure the heat dissipation function of the ultra-low temperature refrigeration circulator itself and normal operation.

Regarding refrigerant, check and maintain the machine on time to find out the leakage and lack of refrigerant in time. After the leakage is found, the leakage point should be found in time to correct or replace the valve. If the refrigerant is found to be missing, it should be refilled in time to avoid impact Normal refrigeration effect of ultra-low temperature refrigeration circulator.

To sum up
Generally speaking, if the ultra-low temperature refrigeration circulator is found to be faulty, it needs to be solved in time to avoid greater product problems. In addition, maintenance and inspection work is also necessary.
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