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How to maintain and extend the service life of the dynamic temperature control system?

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Dynamic temperature control system is a fully enclosed refrigeration and heating temperature control device that provides cold and heat sources. The service life is related to the usual maintenance and cleaning.

Dynamic temperature control system maintenance and cleaning matters needing attention
1. When the surface of the dynamic temperature control system equipment is dirty, use a neutral detergent to clean the equipment. Do not use strong acid cleaning products to clean the equipment to avoid damage.
3. After long-term use of the dynamic temperature control system, see whether the heat exchanger of the sweat wiping equipment is blocked, and if it is blocked, clean it in time.
2. The cleaning and maintenance of the dynamic temperature control system need to be performed when the power is off. It is recommended to shut down the equipment for one hour before operating.
4. Before cleaning the oil tank of the dynamic temperature control system, the excess oil needs to be removed, and then the bottom is cleaned.
5. During the cleaning process, the cooling pipes, filters, coils, etc. of the cooling and heating integrated cycle machine need to be cleaned to avoid the structure and affect the performance and life of the equipment.
6. Regular maintenance work. Do not damage other internal components of the equipment during maintenance work, so as to prevent the equipment from failing to operate stably.

        The dynamic temperature control system is a commonly used process temperature control equipment in laboratories. Generally, the service life of the equipment is 5-10 years. If the equipment is not used carefully during use, the equipment will be damaged. A certain amount of heat is generated during the operation of the equipment, and the temperature around the equipment is relatively high. If the equipment is placed in an area exposed to sunlight, it will cause the temperature of the outside of the equipment to rise, which will cause the equipment to not operate stably, so it needs to be placed in an environment to avoid direct sunlight. , The ventilation environment is better.

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