What should pay attention to after purchasing the -150°C ultra-low temperature refrigerator?

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-150 ° C ultra-low temperature refrigerator is used in the industry, so what should users pay attention to after purchasing equipment from the manufacturer? Next, Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA)-150 °C ultra-low temperature refrigerator manufacturers for everyone to analyze the purchase of equipment after the precautions.

After purchasing the -150 °C ultra-low temperature refrigerator, you must read the instructions carefully. If there are some faults and there is no related technology, it is not recommended to disassemble them first. If you disassemble them within the warranty period, it may result in no warranty. Or, even if you ask the factory service personnel to come to the door for repair, you still need to pay a certain fee, so regarding the after-sales problem, you must make a good statement when purchasing. If the warranty period has passed, the repair must be looking for a professional technical staff, repairs are reliable!

For better use, you need to pay attention to these things: -150 ° C ultra-low temperature refrigerator refrigeration lubricant is a necessary medium for compressor operation, pay attention to whether the frozen lubricant is normal, its normal or not decided – Whether the 150 ° C ultra-low temperature refrigerator can run normally, therefore, should use high quality lubricants, and should pay attention to whether all aspects of the parameters meet the requirements.

Cleaning work is also a very important part of the -150 °C ultra-low temperature refrigerator. If the dust is contaminated or the water entering the circulation system is not replaced regularly, it may cause blockage of the relevant pipeline, affecting the use and life. Of course, repairs and maintenance are also very important, and they must be carried out on a regular basis. These are all done in order to fully guarantee normal operation.

Usually we need to carefully check the -150 ° C ultra-low temperature refrigerator, do not feel any change, I feel that there is no big problem, I will ignore it. Especially if there is noise or abnormal vibration, be sure to turn off the power and carefully check the work. In addition, once the compressor is shut down due to a failure, it must wait until the troubleshooting is clear before starting the operation!

In addition, when purchasing equipment from the manufacturer, it is recommended to compare the relevant parameters and technology of several equipments. It is recommended to talk with the sales staff in detail about the relevant working conditions. High configuration and strong technical support can benefit the -150 °C ultra-low temperature refrigerator. usage of.

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