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Precautions for purchasing reactor temperature control system

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The reactor temperature control system is applied in the reaction tank for cooling, heating, and temperature control. It has the function of providing low and high temperatures, and can meet the different needs of different customers. Therefore, what should everyone pay attention to when purchasing?

1. Before purchasing, everyone should pay attention to the temperature control status, model, structure, material specifications, capacity, power factor, after-sales service, etc. of the reaction tank temperature control system. Avoid wasting resources by purchasing a reaction tank temperature control system that cannot reach the operating temperature or has too much power supply.

2. Pay attention to the pump of the reaction tank temperature control system. The power of a pump is usually easily overlooked, but it cannot be ignored. The power of the pump is too small and the flow rate is insufficient to meet the needs of the production process. If the power of the pump is too high, it can lead to energy loss and increase maintenance costs.

3. Select the manufacturer of the reaction tank temperature control system. Don’t just look at the factor of price, price is only one aspect, and people should not blindly seek cheap prices. In the long run, multiple considerations are needed. It also depends on the manufacturer’s technical strength, manufacturing industry strength, company reputation, after-sales service, and so on.

4. For convenience and practicality, the refrigerant for the temperature control system of the reaction tank should be selected with good chemical structural stability and thermal stability. During the use of the reaction tank temperature control system, the selection of refrigerant sources can be extensive. But we should choose factors that are not easy to decompose, do not deteriorate, have no corrosiveness to the material, have no chemical reaction with lubricating oil, and have low prices and costs.

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