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How is a low temperature chiller suitable for the mold industry?

Everyone knows that the use of low temperature chillers is relatively extensive, especially in the mold industry.

When the low temperature chiller is used to cool the mold, the mold is generally cooled together with the injection molding machine. Generally speaking, the mold is equivalent to a heat exchanger, and the heat is transferred from the mold to the mold and then from the mold to the cooling medium for cooling. Everyone knows that mold molding is inseparable from the function of cooling. When choosing a low-temperature chiller, try to choose a low-temperature chiller with better quality and higher cost. The relative operating power is higher than that of ordinary ones. If the low temperature chiller is used, it can increase the certain output and achieve a certain profit in a long time.

In the practical application of low temperature chillers and molds, the temperature difference of ice water at the inlet is determined according to the product requirements. In many cases, the temperature difference is 3-5 degrees, which is more ideal. The smaller the temperature difference, the more The same amount of ice water required for the same heat to take away, on the contrary, the required flow is very small.

In addition, when using a low-temperature chiller, it is necessary to continuously check the water quality of the low-temperature chiller. Once the water quality changes for a long time, it will cause some corrosion. If it is not treated in time, it will produce scale and can produce a certain separation. Heat, when severe, will reduce the effect of the conversion. Therefore, when configuring a low-temperature chiller, the water quality must be selected well. In addition, the scale can be treated regularly or in a timely manner.

In the process of cooling with a low-temperature chiller, the pressure of ice water should be selected. Of course, our microcomputer function can meet everyone's requirements and is quite convenient.

Another point is that the pipeline of the low-temperature chiller must be insulated and insulated, otherwise it will cause the loss of cooling capacity, forming dew condensation water on the outer wall, affecting the use of low-temperature chillers.

In fact, when purchasing low-temperature chillers, the more important thing is the quality problem. Since ancient times, it has been a price, since you bought it, you can buy it a little better!

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