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Methods for Chiller Manufacturers to Ensure Product Quality

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Before producing the industrial chiller, the chiller manufacturer will consider the applicable industry, refrigeration capacity, structure, etc., and consider the actual use environment during design and assembly to optimize some functions.

In order to ensure the quality of the industrial chiller, high-quality accessories must be used, including the most important compressor, as well as the selection of condenser, evaporator, expansion valve and other parts, all of which must meet the preset service environment of the machine. In order to ensure the quality of use and operation, the service life and suitability of each component in case of various problems encountered by the equipment during use must be ensured.

Manufacturers of industrial chillers will develop various types of chillers according to different refrigerating capacity and different use environment (such as explosion-proof style), achievable refrigerating capacity, power consumption and refrigerating capacity. In addition, the filling amount of refrigeration oil and refrigerant and the type of evaporator and condenser (such as pipe diameter) are also different for different types of chillers. Only in this way can we ensure the pertinence and performance of the chiller and the quality of the industrial chiller.

However, if you want the chiller manufacturer to produce and use stable chillers within the scope of quality assurance, the chiller manufacturer must have certain industry experience, technical qualification and relevant licenseas.

According to the quality of the chiller, we can really judge the strength of the manufacturer, but the company should consider not only the quality but also the price when purchasing. Although the chiller manufacturer has perfected all aspects of the chiller before leaving the factory, users should still pay attention to possible problems (such as refrigerant leakage or failure caused by the transportation and movement of the factory after leaving the factory, accessories and even the main engine), These may lead to the wrong operation of the industrial chiller (the wrong operation of the user during installation or maintenance or repair) and other errors (the user’s errors in the process of use, such as failure to maintain or replace relevant parts regularly, overload, etc.).

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