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Analysis of the characteristics of LNEYA precision chillers

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Now, in many industrial productions, industrial chillers are needed to achieve the purpose of refrigeration in production operations. This shows that chillers play a very important role in various industrial production.

The precision chiller uses a compressor to refrigerate, and then exchanges heat with water to lower the temperature of the water and send it out through a circulating pump. At the same time, the temperature controller is used for temperature control, with three functions of constant temperature, cooling and circulation. The LX series adopts non-start-stop refrigeration technology, and its design and manufacturing can provide technical indicators and reliability superior to those in the same industry. It is a high-precision and high-stability cooling device. LX series cooling cycle device is a fully enclosed refrigeration system, combined with PID control, fast cooling, stable temperature, for some equipment that requires precise constant temperature cooling.

Features of precision chillers:
1. Fully enclosed refrigeration system, stable work and reliable performance;
2. Digital display and control, high temperature control accuracy and uniform temperature;
3. Using ultra-quiet circulating water pump, the whole machine works quietly and has low noise;
4. High-performance refrigeration system and pump circulation system, suitable for long-term continuous work;
5. Closed water tank and pipeline structure to avoid coolant pollution and oxidation;
6. Standard stainless steel water inlet and outlet ports, can be equipped with a variety of connectors or hoses, external closed loop;
7. Real-time display of working status and alarm status;
8. Microcomputer temperature controller, temperature digital display, adjustment unit 0.1 degrees Celsius, temperature range 5~50 adjustable
9. The role of the mechanical industrial equipment of the chiller: control the pressure oil temperature of the oil pressure system, stabilize the oil temperature and oil pressure, extend the oil quality use time, improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication, and reduce wear.

Application of precision chiller:
Cooling of heat-generating parts of laser manufacturing equipment
Cooling of heat-generating parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Cooling of heat generating parts of other industrial equipment
Analyze and test the cooling of the heat generating part of the machine

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