Cooling method for laboratory evaporative instruments in operation

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Choosing the right cooling method for an evaporation experiment can have an unimaginable impact on overall system performance, economy, and efficiency. It is necessary to purchase cooling water circulation machine as supporting equipment. When purchasing a suitable cooling water circulator, important factors to consider include: 1. Minimum condensing temperature and corresponding cooling capacity; 2. Circulating pressure; 3. Circulating flow rate; 4. Suitable accessories.

When selecting and setting the temperature of the cooling water cycle machine, it is generally recommended to follow the “Rule of 20”, that is, set a temperature difference of 20°C between the heating pot temperature and the steam temperature, and between the steam temperature and the condenser temperature. The lower the temperature that the cooling water circulation machine can provide, the better the condensation effect. The cooling water cycle machine usually has the maximum cooling capacity at 20°C or normal temperature, that is, the maximum cooling power parameter under ideal conditions, which is often the nominal cooling power marked by the manufacturer.

Our LNEYA cooling water circulator will provide cooling capacity of 20°C and 10°C, and different power supply will also be provided for model selection reference. It adopts international brand compressor, user-friendly design, stable performance and continuous work, flexible and convenient operation, multiple fault alarms and start-up delay protection, and the most important thing is that it is guaranteed to run continuously 24 hours a day.

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