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Ic test equipment manufacturer test project description

Ic test equipment manufacturers need to pay attention to the test process when conducting project testing. Users can make the ic test equipment run more efficiently through detailed understanding.

The ic test equipment is responsible for the exclusive circuit in the chip. The construction of this part of the circuit is done by the DFT engineer. After the film is released, the DFT engineer also generates the matching input vector, which usually generates tens of thousands. Whether these vectors can properly detect the function of the chip requires a product development engineer to guarantee. In addition, test engineers, product engineers, and assistants are required to ensure that the production tasks of tens of thousands of chips per day are not delayed due to test logic failures.

Ic test equipment manufacturers receive the customer's chip data, usually the chip being developed, the data is strictly confidential, and sometimes the chip will start to contact the cooperative test company to start preparing the test project at the development stage to shorten the entire development cycle. According to the chip data design test program, this process often has chip function or logic unclear, so it is necessary to repeatedly communicate with the design engineer to confirm, according to the test plan needs to design the hardware interface circuit board, according to the test program to develop the software program, if the project is huge It will be divided into several parts and will be completed by a number of engineers. Next, start debugging on the ic test equipment, usually under the test company. Occasionally, there are errors in the above steps, and you need to constantly adjust and return to the place where the error occurred.

Once the ic test equipment manufacturer has an error operation, it requires the user to check in time and effectively, and avoid the ic test equipment failure in time.

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