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The main purpose of the ethylene glycol chiller for the heating and cooling unit of the reactor

The glycol chiller is suitable for high-purity metal, rare substance purification, laboratory environment simulation, magnetron sputtering, vacuum coating and other industries. Large cryogenic pump units can provide a cooling environment for laboratory instruments. Cryogenic liquid circulation equipment that adopts mechanical refrigeration. It has the function of providing cryogenic liquid and cryogenic water bath.

Combined with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze-drying box, circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer and other instruments, it can perform multi-functional chemical reaction operations and drug storage at low temperatures. The reactor heating and cooling device can be used in conjunction with a variety of instruments, with large cooling capacity, fast cooling speed, low energy consumption, greatly improving work efficiency; the flow rate of the glycol chiller of the reactor heating and cooling unit can be adjusted and can be customized. According to user requirements, there is a reasonable match between low temperature and cooling capacity, and low temperature and container capacity. Can meet the actual needs of different users.

The main purpose:

1. It can provide ultra-low temperature and constant temperature circulating liquid for double-layer glass reactor, stainless steel reactor, rotary evaporator and other instruments and equipment.

2. Provide a constant temperature experiment place for glass containers and glass reaction devices.

3. Provide constant temperature test field source for applications in petrochemical and other industries.

4. It can perform low temperature cooling and temperature control on the power and light source parts of the electron microscope.

5. It can perform low temperature cooling and temperature control on the heating part of industrial machinery.

Points to pay attention to when choosing a glycol chiller for the heating and cooling unit of the reactor:

1. Choose the circulating pump model according to the required coolant volume. Of course, the larger the capacity and the lower the temperature, the higher the price.

2. According to the different temperature requirements of the experiment, choose a cryopump with the corresponding temperature control range. The lower the temperature, the higher the price of the pump, and the low temperature of the heating and cooling device of Wuxi Guanya reactor can reach -120.

3. Whether the test solution is corrosive, if it is a strong acid/alkali type solution, you need to purchase a corrosion-resistant reactor heating and cooling device.


The above is the main purpose of the ethylene glycol chiller for the heating and cooling unit of the reactor and the matters needing attention when purchasing. If you have equipment requirements, please contact us sales@cnzlj.com.

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