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Guidelines for Safe Use and Maintenance of Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

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The Importance of Maintenance of Ultra-low Temperature Refrigerator
Cryopreservation of samples is very important in modern biological research.

Correct use of cryogenic freezers (hereinafter referred to as refrigerators):

1. It is necessary to understand the influence of environment on refrigerators.

2. Familiar with basic operation, maintenance and maintenance knowledge

3. Develop good habits
Let the refrigerator breathe freely;
Let the air around the refrigerator circulate freely.

Free at least 15 cm of space around the refrigerator and 30 cm of space at the top.
Items should not be stacked at the top of the refrigerator to avoid affecting the heat dissipation at the top.
Give the refrigerator a reliable environment
Try to keep the ambient temperature around the refrigerator between 15 and 32 degrees Celsius for a long time.
Consider the difference of energy consumption between winter and summer, and control the environmental temperature reasonably.
If the ambient temperature is too high for a long time, the compressor life will be damaged.
Refrigerator heat dissipation will lead to higher ambient temperature
Eliminate the influence factors of heat exchange in refrigerators:
Don’t put the refrigerator near the heat source
Don’t put the refrigerator in the vent
Reserve special circuit for refrigerators
Basic operation
Turn on: After plugging in the power plug, press the switch in the lower right corner of the back, “O” stands for turning off, and “I” stands for turning on.
If the equipment is inclined more than 45 degrees when it is moved, the equipment will be placed vertically for 24 hours before start-up!!!
Open the battery switch: Open the white door under the front and press the switch down to “I”
Battery function: When the power is off, it can supply power to the display board and provide sound and light alarm.
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