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LNEYA dynamic temperature control system description

The long-term research of LNEYA state temperature control system has been extended to the pharmaceutical chemical industry for a long time. The dynamic temperature control system is safe after-sales service, and it is strictly tested before leaving the factory to ensure the performance and quality of the product.
The dynamic temperature control system is that the heat transfer oil medium is heated by the power supply to reach the required temperature. After the temperature of the heating device is controlled, the heat of the heat transfer oil is taken away by the heating device, and the temperature of the heat transfer oil is lowered, but the temperature at this time is lowered. It is still much higher than the normal temperature heat transfer oil, so there is no need to heat the new heat transfer oil again. Only the used heat transfer oil needs to be recycled, and the heat transfer oil from the heat transfer oil outlet of the equipment is connected to the oil heater inlet. Pipes can reuse the heat transfer oil cycle, reducing the cost of electricity consumption and saving energy.
The dynamic temperature control system device occupies less space and can be directly installed and arranged in the production workshop. It has no pollution, quick start, simple and flexible operation. The dynamic temperature control system can obtain higher working temperature and high reach at lower operating pressure. 350 ° C, reducing the pressure level of the use of thermal equipment, is conducive to reducing equipment investment costs.
The dynamic temperature control system adopts closed-circuit circulation for heating and cooling, has small heat loss, remarkable energy saving effect, and can meet multiple heat-using equipments with different use temperatures and multiple cooling equipments with different cooling capacities. The heat transfer effect is good and the heating oil is heated. The cooling oil is forced to circulate by the pump, which is beneficial to heat transfer, and the temperature difference between the material and the oil bath during the heating process is small.
The dynamic temperature control system adopts high-quality heat source, which can output 350°C hot oil for hot users under normal pressure liquid phase. The heat transfer oil heating system adopts brand temperature control instrument, and adopts PID self-tuning intelligent temperature control technology to control accuracy. It can reach the temperature of ±0.02°C and accurately control the temperature range used. The heating main power supply adopts solid-state module non-contact switch circuit, adapts to frequent switching, and has no interference to the power supply network, and has anti-dry burning. The hot oil cooling system can be designed according to user requirements to meet the production process requirements that require rapid cooling after heating.
LNEYA dynamic temperature control system temperature range -150 ° C ~ 350 ° C, a wide temperature control range, can be customized according to user needs to install isolation and explosion protection, to meet user safety needs.
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