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Solvent description and installation of distillation cooling equipment

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During the chemical reaction, most of the chemical reactions are carried out in solvents. Solvent is an important medium, which can make all kinds of molecules participating in the reaction evenly distributed, increase the chance of collision and contact between molecules, and accelerate the progress of the reaction. The solvent can conduct heat, through which it can provide heat to the reaction substance, and promote the progress of the reaction; through it, it can also transfer the heat released from the reaction to ensure the safety of the reaction. The choice of solvent can also directly affect the speed of the reaction, the direction of the reaction, the completeness of the reaction, the configuration of the reaction product, and so on. Therefore, the correct selection and use of solvents to meet the requirements of the production process are of great significance to the realization of the economic and safety goals of organic synthesis.

However, most solvents have flammability and other characteristics, because the heating temperature and condensation temperature in the reaction are greatly tested. Depending on the temperature range, Wuxi Guanya Solvent Distillation Cooling Equipment also has many models. After the customer purchases the cooling device, the first thing to do is to install it. So which aspect should the installation pay attention to?

The condenser of the solvent distillation cooling equipment is finned, and a heat-dissipating fan is installed on the top of the unit. Therefore, it is an integrated refrigerator that directly dissipates heat through the fan to achieve heat exchange effect. Relatively speaking, its installation is much simpler than the water-cooled cooling device, without any auxiliary equipment, as long as the air-cooled chiller and the equipment to be cooled are connected by pipes.

Before installing the solvent distillation cooling equipment, you must choose a flat open space, which can re-lay the cement foundation to ensure the level of the ground. After the solvent distillation cooling equipment is installed, there must be free space for future maintenance and maintenance, and to ensure the ground Can withstand the running weight. Solvent distillation cooling equipment has different models, and the inlet and outlet pipes have different diameters. When installing, choose a water pipe that matches the diameter and connect it correctly.

No matter under any load, the water flow of air-cooled cooling equipment should be normal and stable. The design and installation of all cooling water pipes should be carried out in accordance with the relevant standards. The cooling water pump should be located on the inlet pipe of the unit to ensure the positive pressure and flow of the unit. The water pump of the air-cooled cooling equipment is installed inside the unit, so the piping should be equipped with shock absorbers to ensure proper flexibility to prevent the evaporator water from being discharged when the pump is stopped.

Solvent distillation cooling equipment piping should have independent and firm support to avoid stress on the components of air-cooled cooling equipment. In order to reduce noise and vibration, it is better to be able to install vibration isolators on the pipeline. In order to be able to operate the solvent distillation refrigeration equipment safely and steadily, and to ensure the normal use of various components, the poor water quality can be treated to avoid the accumulation of various debris or corrosion deposits in pipes, evaporators, and condensers that affect the heat exchange effect. Increase later maintenance costs.

LNEYA solvent distillation cooling equipment, the refrigeration temperature range from -150 degrees to -5 degrees, can meet the needs of different refrigeration temperatures, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and other industries in the field of low temperature reaction, fast cooling, safe and reliable, using international brand compression Machine, single compressor automatic cascade refrigeration technology, can be cooled to minus 120 degrees in 3 minutes. At present, many large laboratories / factories are using our solvent distillation cooling equipment in domestic and foreign extraction. If you have any requirements in this regard, you can contact our online

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