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Where do you need low temperature chiller and introduction

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Even though water is one of the most precious and scarce resources, it is still used as a coolant in many laboratories. Unfortunately, most of the water used as a coolant is not recycled, resulting in higher and higher laboratory costs and wasted precious natural resources.

LNEYA offers 10 models of the FL series with a temperature range of -15°C ~ 30°C and a cooling capacity from 760W to 5000W, which can meet all the needs of the laboratory. LNEYA incorporates self-diagnostic functions when designing; overload protection; high voltage switches; overload relays, thermal protection devices, etc., with safety protection functions. High-performance circulating pump guarantees 24 hours a day operation, humanized design, flexible and convenient. In addition to the standard models, there are many customized versions that can be customized with a temperature control accuracy of ± 0.5°C.

For certain special industries or processes, such as integrated chip test plants, plant extraction winterization tasks, they require cryogenic fluids. LNEYA’s FL series cryogenic chiller can cool process fluids down to -35°C.

Cryo chiller are ideal cooling systems for laboratories, semiconductors, pilot plants and custom applications that require precise ultra-low temperature control to provide a stable source of cryogenic cooling.

If you need reliable cryogenic cooling for any of these applications, LNEYA will provide you with the cryogenic equipment you need.

At present, LNEYA cryogenic coolers have been used worldwide, such as Korea, Israel, Russia, the United States, Britain, India, the Netherlands and other countries.

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