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Description of Type Selection and Classification of 40GW Cryogenic Chillers

If different enterprises and different industries have different requirements for Wuxi Guanya 40GW cryogenic chillers, its model selection is also different. So it is better to have a clear understanding of the needs of the selection of 40GW cryogenic chiller.

The low-temperature chiller with 40GW is a kind of refrigeration equipment which transfers the heat from the object lower than the temperature of the environmental medium to the environment medium produced by Wuxi Guanya using the single-machine self-overlapping refrigeration technology. There are many types of the 40GW cryogenic chiller, including compression type of 40GW cryogenic chiller (including steam and air compressor), absorption type of 40GW cryogenic chiller and steam injection type of 40GW cryogenic chiller, among which steam compression type of 40GW cryogenic chiller is widely used.

While better understanding the running of the low-temperature chiller with 40GW, it is also needed to clearly understand its principle. In order to continuously refrigerate, the vaporized low pressure steam should the sucked out from the evaporator by using the compressor, and do work on it, compressing it into high pressure superheated steam, then discharging it into the condenser (pressure is to improve the refrigerant vapor easily in normal temperature with heat and condense into liquid hue). Therefore, in the steam-compression refrigeration cycle, only with the compressor can the 40GW cryogenic chiller transfer the heat of the low-temperature object to the room temperature medium continuously, so as to achieve the purpose of the 40GW cryogenic chiller.

Of course, the models defined by 40GW cryogenic chillers manufacturers are different from each other. It is suggested that users provide 40GW cryogenic chillers manufacturers with detailed working conditions to choose.
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