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Different functions of reactor cooling and heating chiller on temperature

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The cooling and heating chiller of the reactor is a kind of refrigeration machine, because its main component uses a screw compressor, which can be called the low-temperature chiller of the reactor by its name, and is widely used in industrial production such as electronics manufacturing.

Different functions corresponding to different temperatures:

The reactor cooling and heating chiller will generally generate heat due to the action of current during operation, and excessively high temperature will affect the service life and reliability of electrical components, and will prematurely age the insulation equipment, or reduce the insulation value, which will cause a part of the conductor to fail. The resistance becomes large, heats up, and burns. Generally, electrical components are marked with high operating temperature, and perhaps different functions correspond to different temperatures.

LNEYA reactor cooling and heating chiller controls the temperature required for modern industrial mechanized production, and then greatly improves the production power and production quality. It is easy to operate, reasonable in planning, and excellent in quality. It is an indispensable companion for modern industrial production.

Equipment environment:

Most of the equipment of the reactor low-temperature chiller chiller is indoors, and some production environments are messy, with high temperature, high humidity, high dust, and even oily or corrosive gas and other harsh conditions.

Equipment cleaning is convenient and quick:

The cooling and heating chiller of the reactor has low noise and durability. The digital display temperature controller can accurately control the water temperature and set the temperature scale. All stainless steel thick water tank, coil evaporator, easy to clean and protect.


The reactor cooling and heating chiller condenser is a shell and tube type with internal threaded copper tube. The appearance of the unit is beautiful and generous. The surface plate adopts quick disassembly and assembly method, which is convenient for use and protection. It is equipped with various protective devices, stable function, low noise, and long service life. , The operation is simple; the LCD display interface is selected, the operation is simple and convenient, and the operation status is clear at a glance.

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