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Fly by dream, create greater glory, [Wuxi Guanya LNEYA] annual ceremony ended successfully

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2019 has passed
This year
Thanks to everyone for the trust and support of Guanya LNEYA

Eye-catching glory
From every step of the solid
Thank you all the way
Dream-seeking career
2020 Let us continue to work together for a win-win situation
Write more beautiful chapters for the new year!

December 31, 2019
Wuxi Guanya LNEYA
Carefully preparing for an annual event
All employees of the company gathered on this day

In addition to reward prizes
Here also
Stage a wonderful and powerful dance
Staged a passionate and affectionate song
Performing magical magic
A fun and exciting game
There are unexpected excitements everywhere

Looking forward to 2020
We do not forget our original intention
We cross time and inspire change
Thank you for being with you all the way
Full of possibilities in the new year
Exploring with passion, driving a new journey

New Year strides towards us
New year opens new hope
New year carries new dreams
Thank you for your support and help

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