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Application and function of explosion-proof constant temperature circulation system

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Temperature control in drug research and development and chemical experiments, as well as temperature control in small-scale experimental production and industrial production, all require highly dynamic constant temperature controllers. The chemical explosion-proof constant temperature circulating machine is a kind of equipment equipped with various reactors for liquid, solid and other high and low temperature reactions.

The heating and cooling device of LNEYA refrigeration reactor is equipped with intelligent temperature control, with a very wide temperature control range, from -120℃ to 300℃, which is suitable for the constant temperature control needs of most pharmaceutical companies. It can dynamically display the operating status of each equipment in real time, including the real-time data change of the weight of the raw material tank, the feeding speed of various materials, the operation of the valve on the equipment and the corresponding temperature data display, etc., can simulate the process graphics, and the image is intuitive Easy to read.

The TCU temperature control system can realize cooling and heating functions during the production process to meet the temperature control requirements of different occasions. The different production standards of the high and low temperature integrated machine for pharmaceuticals can achieve different ranges of temperature control, and the application range is greatly improved. It is used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and other industries to provide heat and cold sources for reactors, tanks, etc., and can also be used for heating and cooling of other equipment.

The explosion-proof constant temperature circulation machine is a commonly used temperature control equipment in the industry, which can realize reciprocating circulation, heating and cooling. In the cooling and heating process, the integrated machine realizes the temperature change in the temperature control device through the reciprocating cycle of the medium or refrigerant, so as to achieve the effect of cooling and heating. With automatic temperature sensing function. The controller makes accurate adjustments according to the detected temperature and the set temperature value to achieve the purpose of temperature control. The whole process of detection and adjustment is automatically controlled, and the integrated machine is easy to use.

The TCU temperature control system is a cooling and heating temperature control system with two functions of cooling and heating, which is suitable for controlling the heat dissipation and heat dissipation process in the reaction process. The temperature of the material in the kettle is linearly controlled. The program control mode can be selected; the temperature difference between the heat transfer medium and the material can also be set. The mechanical system adopts a completely closed cycle, which will not produce oil mist at high temperatures and will not absorb moisture at low temperatures, and there is an expansion tank in the system. During the cooling and heating process, the heat transfer medium expands and contracts.

LNEYA is committed to providing intelligent cooling and heating temperature control solutions for pharmaceutical companies, and producing customized products according to customer requirements.

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