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2018 Automotive Testing Expo

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  2018 Automotive Testing Expo (2018 Automotive Testing and Quality Control Expo) is China’s relatively large vehicle and component testing and verification technology and service exhibition. Wuxi Guanya LNEYA is committed to developing battery testing systems and research and development of new energy vehicles. The new energy vehicle battery test device, together with more than 200 exhibitors at the show, provides the public with a relatively new battery test device.

In 2014, Wuxi Guanya LNEYA launched its first new energy battery/motor temperature control system, which was highly anticipated by the market. In 2016, it re-upgraded and defined the new energy battery/motor temperature control system. The second generation of new products was well received by the market, 2018 The third generation of new energy battery / motor temperature control system is also completed in the intensive R & D test.

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