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Application Of Compressor In Low Temperature Chiller

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Compressor is an important part of cryogenic refrigeration industry. As far as low temperature chiller is concerned, different brands and types need to be selected when buying compressors. Therefore, when choosing cryogenic refrigeration compressors, we should pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of each compressor and make better choices.

The cryogenic refrigeration compressors mainly include semi-enclosed piston refrigeration compressor, rotor refrigeration compressor, screw refrigeration compressor, centrifugal refrigeration compressor and so on. The advantages and disadvantages of these cryogenic refrigeration compressors should be dialectically analyzed, and the compressor should be better used and selected.

Semi-hermetic piston refrigeration compressor is widely used in low temperature chiller. The refrigeration equipment of semi-hermetic piston refrigeration compressor has simple internal structure, low requirements for processing materials and processing technology. Compared with other compressors, semi-hermetic piston refrigeration compressor has strong adaptability, wide pressure range and semi-hermetic. The closed piston refrigeration compressor system is relatively simple, and it can meet a wide range of pressure and refrigeration capacity. But at the same time, the semi-closed piston refrigeration compressor also has some defects, such as the shape is larger and the volume is heavier, and has greater noise and vibration. It is difficult for semi-closed piston refrigeration compressor achieve high speed. It has many problems such as  vulnerable parts, and inconvenient maintenance.

Rotor refrigeration compressor of low temperature chiller is fully enclosed. Small refrigeration equipment is used more, and its refrigeration capacity is not very prominent. Compared with other compressors, it has simple structure, small size, light weight, no suction valve, high speed, small vibration and smooth operation. At the same time, compared with other compressors, the rotor refrigeration compressor system requires higher cleanliness and processing accuracy. The leakage, friction and wear between slider and cylinder wall are larger, and the performance of the compressor decreases obviously. This is also something you need to realize. The other three devices are shown on other pages of our company.

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