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How To Solve The Electric Vehicle Motor Test Condensation Is Too High?

The condensing pressure of the electric vehicle motor test will increase, the compression function will increase, the cooling capacity will decrease, the cooling coefficient will decrease, and the energy consumption will increase. The reason for the rise of the condenser pressure may be that the condenser is too small. It is recommended to replace or increase the condensation. If the flow of cooling water is insufficient, it is recommended to increase the number of pumps running and increase the water flow; if it is the number of condensers to be put into operation, it is recommended to increase the number of operating units.

If the heat exchange area of the electric vehicle motor test condenser is reduced, the need for sufficient heat exchange area is an important guarantee for the heat transfer effect of the condenser, especially the refrigeration system using a compression condensing unit, because the condenser of the unit has a liquid storage The function of the device, when the liquid level in the condenser is too high, seriously affects the condensation effect of the condenser, the condensation temperature and pressure increase, and the power consumption of the refrigeration compressor increases. Therefore, attention should be paid to the liquid level change during operation, and the condensation should be discharged in time. The condensed liquid in the device, when filling the refrigerant, strictly control the amount of addition to ensure a sufficient heat exchange area of the condenser.

If the Electric vehicle motor test condenser is not uniform in water distribution, when the cloth water is not uniform, the water flow in some tubes is relatively large, and the water flow in some tubes is small, which will reduce the heat transfer efficiency and increase the condensation temperature. The good water flow distribution should be that the water flow rotates down the pipe wall. If the water flows down from the middle of the pipe, most of the water flow will not have a condensation effect. Therefore, when the water distribution of the water distributor is not uniform, the water distributor should be replaced.

If there is scale on the pipeline of the electric vehicle motor test condenser, the scale on the condenser pipe causes the thermal resistance to increase, the heat transfer coefficient decreases, the heat exchange effect decreases, and the condensation temperature rises. Improve water quality and descaling in time.

If there is air in the electric vehicle motor test condenser, the air in the condenser increases the partial pressure in the system, and the total pressure rises. The air also forms a gas layer on the surface of the condenser, generating additional thermal resistance, which reduces the heat transfer efficiency. , causing the condensing pressure and the condensing temperature to rise, and it is necessary to release the air in time.

The fault of the electric vehicle motor test condenser is different from that of the compressor, and the fault is better solved. Therefore, the Wuxi Guanya LNEYA refrigeration advises the operator to encounter the fault and not solve it in time.
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