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Relationship Between Poor Refrigeration Performance And Refrigerant In Low Temperature Industrial

The effect of the refrigeration system of the low-temperature industrial refrigerator is directly related to the refrigerant. Once the refrigerant leaks, the cooling capacity will be insufficient, so that the suction and exhaust pressures are relatively low, and the expansion valve and the evaporator are in operation. The balance pressure cannot be maintained. Therefore, if the refrigerant leaks from the low-temperature industrial refrigerator (group) is found, it is not rushed to fill the system with the refrigerant. Instead, the leak point should be immediately found and the refrigerant should be filled after repair.

In the refrigeration system of the low-temperature industrial refrigerator (group), pay attention to the amount of refrigerant, too little, too much, too much, too much may cause the exhaust pressure of the low-temperature industrial refrigerator to rise, higher than the normal value, need to stop in time, use High pressure exhaust removes excess refrigerant from the system.

If the low-temperature industrial refrigerator (group) is filled with too much refrigerant after maintenance, the cooling effect will be worse, because the charge of the refrigerant will occupy a part of the condenser of the low-temperature industrial refrigerator (group), which is reduced. The cooling area and cooling efficiency are also decreasing, and the cooling rate is continuously decreasing. Therefore, according to the operation sequence, after the machine is shut down for a few minutes, excess refrigerant is released at the high pressure shut-off valve, and the residual air in the system can be released at the same time.

Of course, the refrigeration system inside the low-temperature industrial refrigerator (group) also needs to pay attention to, once the air in the low-temperature industrial freezer (group) refrigeration system will reduce the cooling efficiency, this time can be several times after a few minutes after the shutdown The high pressure shut-off valve releases air, and it is also possible to properly fill some refrigerant according to the actual situation.

The refrigeration effect of the low-temperature industrial refrigerator (group) is closely related to the amount of refrigerant. Therefore, users should pay attention to the refrigeration effect in time and strive for better operation of the low-temperature industrial refrigerator (group).
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