Why choose LNEYA’s reactor automatic temperature control equipment?

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With the rapid development of pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the market demand for automatic temperature control equipment for reactors is expanding. The requirements for automatic temperature control equipment for reactors are also rising, and they are concerned by users in terms of technology level, equipment performance and quality.

The automatic temperature control equipment of the reactor is a new type of high and low temperature cycle integrated machine which combines the characteristics of low temperature coolant circulating pump and high temperature oil bath. It combines high, medium and low temperature heat sources into one equipment. It is widely used in chemical, biological and physical laboratories. It is a cold and heat source equipment for universities, environmental protection, biochemistry, medical, chemical, scientific research, genetic engineering, polymer engineering and other laboratories.

The reactor automatic temperature control equipment has no inner circulation tank, the inner circulation volume is small, the effective power density is large, the heating and cooling rate is fast, and the heat conduction oil demand is relatively small. The automatic temperature control device of the reactor adopts a wave plate heat exchanger, which has a large heat exchange area and a fast heat exchange rate. The automatic liquid temperature control equipment of the reaction kettle is closed for the entire liquid circulation. When the temperature is high, there is no evaporation of the oil mist, and the heat transfer oil is not oxidized or browned; at low temperature, the water vapor in the air is not absorbed, the life of the heat transfer oil is prolonged, and the use cost is low.

The automatic temperature control equipment of the reactor accurately controls the temperature of the chemical reaction and is the choice for safely controlling the exothermic reaction. The device adopts PID intelligent control to automatically adjust the power output according to the chemical process process, precisely control the temperature of the reaction process, and meet the temperature change requirements of the reaction process.

The special automatic circulation pump of the reactor automatic temperature control equipment can provide a large flow rate, generate less pressure and heat, achieve higher heat exchange efficiency, smaller system resistance, smaller pump system heat, and smaller System energy consumption; LNEYA adopts standard type PLC control, more user-friendly display interface (human-machine interface), simple operation, can display the set temperature of the working process, the outlet temperature, the temperature curve of the kettle body, realize the program Temperature multi-stage programming.

In addition to the automatic temperature control equipment of the reaction kettle, Wuxi Guanya LNEYA also has chiller, freezer, new energy battery motor test equipment, component test equipment, ultra-low temperature freezer and other products. You can contact our service hotline through the website to learn more. More product details, welcome new and old customers to buy their favorite products, we will be happy to help you!

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