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How to avoid incorrect operation of heating and cooling thermostat?

When the user is running the heating and cooling thermostat, the operation needs to follow the instructions, so how to avoid inappropriate operations?

Excellent design of hot and cold thermostat:

The LNEYA heating and cooling thermostat has a multi-functional alarm system and safety functions. It uses plate heat exchangers and pipeline heaters to increase heating and cooling rates. Large touch screen graphics display. The heating and cooling integrated machine uses a magnetic drive pump, so there is no shaft seal leakage problem. , Fully enclosed system, extend the life of the heat transfer liquid, a very wide temperature range, no need to replace the liquid medium.

Wrong operation method of heating and cooling thermostat:

The inlet valve of the condenser on the unit that does not need to be opened is not closed before starting up, causing water channeling. Part of the cooling return water of the heating and cooling thermostat will flow away from the condenser of the unit that is not turned on, reducing the cooling water in the condenser of the running unit. Flow, causing the condensing pressure to rise. The operating current of the host increases. The cooling capacity of the unit drops, and in serious cases, the unit will stop running. It not only wastes electricity, but also reduces the cooling effect, and it is easy to damage the equipment.

Due to the previous misoperation, the condensing pressure of the host and the temperature of the cooling water outlet increased, causing misjudgments to the operator of the integrated machine. It is misunderstood that the amount of cooling water is insufficient and the condenser water inlet valve and the cooling water pump outlet valve are opened, and some also increase the cooling tower fan, which causes the power consumption of the water pump and cooling tower fan to increase. In addition, some users blindly added a cooling water pump. Although adding the cooling water pump can indeed reduce the cooling water temperature and condensing pressure, after all, the electrical energy of a water pump is wasted, so it is a mistake.

The correct operation method of heating and cooling thermostat:

The correct operation method of the heating and cooling thermostat is to close the condenser water inlet valve of the unit that does not need to be operated before starting to prevent water channeling. Turning on the heating and cooling thermostat will run the inlet and outlet valves on the condenser of the unit (generally, the outlet valve is normally open, and the inlet valve is opened and closed as needed, the condenser and evaporator are the same) and the corresponding cooling water pump is turned on. Adjust the inlet and outlet water pressure of the condenser to about 68.6kPa (0.7 kg/cm). If the pointer of the condenser inlet and outlet water pressure gauge swings too much, it indicates that there is air in the cooling water system. The air needs to be exhausted and the pressure gauge indicates normal to continue the next step.
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