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Description of the development of the wafer chip test system

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With the development of the semiconductor industry, the wafer chip test machine has also made great progress. How much do you know about the development of the wafer chip test machine?

The integrated circuit industry has gradually emerged since the 1960s. Early companies were operating models. This model covers the entire chip production process of design, manufacturing, packaging and testing. Such enterprises generally have large scale, comprehensive technology and deep accumulation. Such as Intel, Samsung and so on. As the cost of technology upgrades increases and the requirements for the production efficiency of the IC industry increase, the entire industry is gradually moving toward a vertical division of labor.

This vertical division of labor greatly enhances the operational efficiency of the entire industry. Secondly, the design of relatively light assets and the separation of manufacturing and packaging of heavy assets are conducive to centralizing R&D investment in all aspects, accelerating technological development, and reducing the accuracy of enterprises. Entry threshold and operating costs; in addition, each link is handed over to different vendors to enhance the professionalism of the company and the accuracy of the production process. In addition, the separation of professional tests from the packaging and testing can reduce the repetitive capacity investment, and can provide professional testing services for small and medium-sized design manufacturers stably, reduce the testing cost of products and reduce the industrial cost by scale effect.

The IC test card is the key node of the industry chain, which runs through the whole process of design, manufacturing, packaging and application. From the perspective of the entire manufacturing process, integrated circuit testing includes design verification at the design stage, process inspection at the wafer fabrication stage, wafer testing before packaging, and finished product testing after packaging, throughout the design, manufacturing, packaging, and application. The process plays an important role in ensuring chip performance and improving the efficiency of the industrial chain.

Design verification, also known as laboratory testing or characterization testing, is to verify that the design is correct before the chip enters mass production and requires functional testing and physical verification. Process process inspection, that is, testing in the wafer manufacturing process, requires inspection of defects, film thickness, line width, critical dimensions, etc., and is a front test.

Wafer testing is performed by testing the completed wafers with the goal of picking out the bad dies before dicing to reduce the cost of packaging and chip testing, while counting the dies on the wafer. The pass rate, the exact position of the unqualified die, and the qualification rate of each type can directly reflect the wafer manufacturing yield and verify the wafer manufacturing capability.

After the chip is finished, the circuit will be damaged during the dicing, bonding, encapsulation and aging process of the integrated circuit. Therefore, after the package and aging, the circuit performance of the finished circuit should be tested according to the test specifications. Qualified finished products are graded according to the parameter specifications of the device performance, and the number of devices at various levels and the statistical distribution of various parameters are recorded. According to these data and information, the quality management department supervises the quality of the products and the production control unit controls the production of the circuits.

The development of wafer chip and wafer chip test system equipment, we must understand it, I hope that users can choose the regular manufacturer’s wafer chip test system equipment when making purchases.

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