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The Structural Characteristics Of Heating Cooling Systems SST-15 SST-20

The Structural Characteristics Of Heating Cooling Systems SST-15 SST-20

The Heating Cooling Systems SST-15 SST-20 is a laboratory instrument equipped with both heating and refrigeration functions. It adopts a number of proprietary technologies to gether with high precision control temperature, mainly applied in biological, chemical and other fields (such as rotary evaporation apparatus, reaction kettle, fermentation tank, calorimeter and other equipment). This instrument is highly automated, and can be automatically heated or cooled according to the set requirements. It is accurate in temperature control, heating and refrigeration function, and is able to meet the needs of various biochemical experiments.
1, The ergonomic design of the heating refrigeration circulation machine Operation Panel makes it extremely comfortable, convenient and durable to operate.
2, The temperature control is accurate, the fluctuation degree is less than ±0.05℃.
3, Stable, safe and reliable with featured premium accessories and meticulous production,
4, The reasonable design of the heat preservation and temperature insulation structure enables high-temperature refrigeration. When approaching 200 ℃, the refrigeration control will started.
5, It adopts a fully closed circulatory system to ensure that there is no oil or mist at high temperature.

Anyway, Heating Cooling Systems SST-15 SST-20 is a high-performance product with comprehensive functions and simple operation. It will help customers expedite the experiment and save resources so that improve work efficiency.

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