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The Effect of Heating Cooling Translator

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The whole liquid circulation of the heating and cooling circulator is closed with the expansion vessel. The expansion vessel and the liquid circulation are adiabatic and do not participate in the liquid circulation. This is just a mechanical connection. Whether the temperature of the liquid circulation is high or low, the medium in the expansion vessel is always below 60 degrees.

Heating cooling circulator all closed system, extend the life of the thermal fluid, temperature range is extremely wide, with no need to replace liquid medium, the refrigeration system uses air-cooled compressor refrigeration, high cooling speed, low noise, high and low temperature all-in-one airtight microcomputer with internal overtemperature alarm function, upper and lower limits can be arbitrary set within ten degrees, sometimes there are some deviations in the measurement, airtight high and low temperature all-in-one can officially adjust the deviation in the measurement.

What is the function of the heating and cooling circulator? In the commissioning and operation stage of the heating and cooling circulator system, if it is found that the cooling capacity of the cooling and heating circulator system is obviously insufficient and no other abnormalities are found after inspection, attention should be paid to the refrigerant; If the heating cooling circulator system dryer filter or expansion valve block, and the blockage is the browns color wax-like or black sludge form foreign bodies need to focus on refrigerant when hot and cold cycle machine appeared in the process of system running high, low pressure or temperature anomaly, or stop state system balance when abnormal pressure (can control temperature of the refrigerant pressure characteristic table), need to focus on the refrigerant. If these anomalies occur in the heating and cooling circulator, it is recommended that the refrigerant can be extracted from the system for purity testing to screen out the risk of poor refrigerant quality.

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