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Instructions for use of various components of high and low temperature cycle machine

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In the high and low temperature cycle machine, each accessory has its own performance advantages. When running, we need to have a clear understanding of each accessory in order to run the device better.

The compressor functions to compress and drive the refrigerant in the refrigerant circuit. The condenser is one of the main heat exchange equipments in the cold storage refrigeration system. It mainly cools and condenses the high temperature refrigerant superheated steam discharged from the assembled cold storage compressor into a high pressure liquid. Dry filter filters impurities and moisture in the system. The oil pressure protector is used to ensure that the compressor has sufficient oil. The expansion valve is also called a throttle valve, which can make the system high and low pressure to form a huge pressure difference, so that the high-pressure refrigerant liquid at the outlet of the expansion valve rapidly expands and evaporates. It absorbs the heat in the air through the pipe wall and exchanges heat and cold.

The oil separator separates the lubricating oil in the high pressure steam discharged from the refrigeration compressor to ensure safe and efficient operation of the device. According to the principle of reducing the gas flow rate and changing the direction of the gas flow, the oil particles in the high pressure steam are separated by gravity. Generally, when the gas flow rate is less than 1 m/s, oil particles having a diameter of 0.2 mm or more in the steam can be separated. The evaporator pressure regulator prevents the evaporator pressure (and evaporation temperature) from falling below a specified value. It is also sometimes used to adjust the evaporator to force to accommodate changes in load. The evaporator sucks away the heat in the cold storage, so that the liquid refrigerant evaporates under low pressure and low temperature, absorbs the heat from the freezer and evaporates, turns into a gaseous refrigerant, and the gaseous refrigerant is sucked into the compressor for compression, and then discharged. Heat into the condenser. Basically, the principle of the evaporator and the condenser are the same, except that the former absorbs heat into the reservoir and the latter exhausts heat to the outside.

Store the refrigerant storage tank to ensure that the refrigerant is always saturated. The solenoid valve prevents the high-pressure part of the refrigerant liquid from entering the evaporator when the compressor is stopped, avoiding the low pressure of the compressor at the next startup, and preventing the compressor from slamming. In addition, when the temperature of the cold storage reaches the set value, the thermostat operates, the solenoid valve loses power, and the compressor stops when the low pressure reaches the set value of shutdown. When the temperature in the cold storage rises to the set value, the thermostat operates and the solenoid valve is energized. When the low pressure rises to the compressor start setting, the compressor starts. The high and low voltage protectors prevent high pressure from being too high and low pressure to protect the compressor. The thermostat is equivalent to the high and low temperature cycle machine. The brain controls the opening and closing of the cooling and the defrosting and fan opening and closing.

The accessories of the high and low temperature cycle machine are more from large to small, and we need to spend some time to study carefully to avoid damage caused by improper use of the accessories.

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