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Introduction to the quality and configuration of industrial refrigeration and heating circulators

With the development and progress of society, industrial refrigeration and heating circulators are used more in the industry, and the technological level is becoming more and more complex. So, what should users pay attention to after purchasing this equipment?

1. In order to consume electricity, many companies will cut off the power after the experiment. According to the technical staff, we explained that if the industrial refrigeration and heating circulator is powered off in winter, the inner tank is prone to aging, thereby reducing the equipment's performance. service life.

2. During normal use, when the temperature in the box drops to a certain set value, the thermostat will cut off the power by itself. At this time, the pressure of the refrigerant is already very low, and the compressor is relatively small compared to the load of the motor. , the motor is easy to start normally, if the power is forced to be cut off, the power will be turned on immediately when the refrigeration has a relatively high pressure. Although the high voltage will cause the motor to be overloaded, it is easy to burn the motor due to excessive current. Therefore, industrial refrigeration and heating circulators cannot be powered off at will.

3. The industrial refrigeration and heating circulator that is in a power-off state cannot be powered on at will, especially for newly purchased equipment, it must be placed for one to two hours before it can be powered on.

4. There is a certain space between the inner tank and the outer shell. The electric heating tube is used to provide heat to transfer the heat to the heat-conducting oil medium, and then the heat is transferred to the inner tank of the reactor through the heat-conducting oil bath, and the material medium in contact with the inner tank passes through the steel plate. The heat is used to increase the temperature, and the temperature required for the reaction of the material is slowly reached.

5. The electric heating tube is generally 220v/380v voltage, and the 220v electric heating tube must be three in a group, connected to form three power supply requirements (general industrial production does not use direct single-phase wiring), through three in a group, you can According to the total number of electric heating pipes required, multiple groups are formed.

There are certain differences in the quality and configuration of industrial refrigeration and heating circulators from different manufacturers. Users can judge and use them according to the reaction kettle heating and temperature control machine they purchased.
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