Collocation Requirements For Lab Water Chiller

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The lab water chiller is a relatively advanced cryopreservation equipment, which is suitable for blood stations, hospitals, health and epidemic prevention systems, scientific research institutes, electronic industry, chemical medicine, biological engineering, higher laboratories, military enterprises and so on. The lab water chiller uses a new high vacuum insulation material to ensure that the air between the insulation layer is removed and the heat conduction effect of the thermal insulation material is reduced to the minimum, and the control of various factors such as conduction, convection and radiation can be played to the optimal state, and thus better heat insulation effect is obtained.

The lab water chiller has a LED  screen. It can display the temperature in the box, the temperature set, environment temperature and input voltage. It can set high and low temperature alarms and temperature in the box. It has many kinds of fault alarm, over-temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, and compressor overheating alarm. The electronic lock password protection is used. The equipment can be divided into 6 groups of authorization. Each group has an independent password and username to ensure that each time the staff and the door’s open-time can be recorded. It is equipped with mechanical lock holes.  The refrigeration system has a high and low voltage protection and high and low voltage display.

The collocation of lab water chiller must be chosen according to their own requirements. Not only the price should be look at, but the specific process should also be understood.

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