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Why is the mode of cooling water circulator mainly water circulation?

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Cooling water circulator is a way to use water for cooling. With the increase in ambient temperature, many companies have also found that the use of circulating water is increasing.

The supplement of circulating water is aimed at the water cooling circulator. Air-cooled cooling water circulators do not have this problem. When the water cooling circulator is in normal operation, it needs cooling water. The cooling circulating water is the top priority of the entire circulator. However, during the normal operation of the water cooling system of the water cooling circulator, it actually consumes cooling water continuously. What are the main aspects of its consumption?

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Problems such as floating water.

Cooling water circulator cooling water in the cooling tower may be sprayed by the water supplementer, blower heat dissipation of the fan, and filler, etc. In these processes, there will be problems of floating water and splashing, take certain measures, you can These problems are avoided to some extent, but they cannot be completely avoided. Therefore, problems such as floating water are also an important reason for the consumption of cooling water.

Loss and leakage.

In general, every pipe and valve that is in contact with the cooling circulating water in the water cooling circulator may not necessarily avoid leakage and loss. A small amount and a small amount of leakage are allowed. Of course, this is why the cooling water of the water cooling circulator must be replenished frequently.

Natural loss and consumption during operation.

During the normal operation of the water cooling circulator, there will be a certain loss and consumption, the basic thing is that it will be reduced through the water pipeline.

Evaporation during operation.

This is a relatively large amount of water consumption point. During the operation, the cooling and circulating water will inevitably evaporate because it will be exposed to higher temperatures.

The reason for the consumption of cooling water is that the cooling water circulator must be actively and adequately replenished. If it cannot be replenished in a timely and sufficient amount, the cooling water circulator will not function properly.

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