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13p semi-closed air-cooled compression condensing unit failure warning instructions

The 13p semi-closed air-cooled compression condensing unit is used in industrial cold processing. After using it for a long time, some problems will arise, Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) reminds.

There is usually a high-pressure alarm on the 13p semi-closed air-cooled compression condensing unit, which is automatically activated in the event of an accident. When we start, we will find that there is a fault indicator that is turned off. Because there is a fault now, it lights up. Some smart technologies have a self-protection mechanism. For example, after the high-voltage warning fault light is on, It is no longer running, and it is also to protect the compression condensing unit.

As the operating personnel of the condensing unit, do not force it to open at this time. Instead, check the problem and start the machine after finding the problem. If you can't find the problem, I suggest you contact the manufacturer's customer service. According to different situations, the natural solution is different.

The 13p semi-closed air-cooled compression condensing unit is water-cooled and air-cooled. If it is an air-cooled compression condensing unit, the staff should check the ambient temperature used. It is necessary to dispose heat in time because the temperature is too high. it is good. There are also other situations where high pressure alarms occur, and the cooling water flow is too small (this should check if the water valve is open), and the condensing unit should be in an air circulation environment.

If there is a warning state for the water-cooled compression condensing unit, most of them may be due to the failure of the cooling water circulation. If the cooling water valve is not open, if there is no playing card, it will make the water shortage, there is no way to provide condensation. The crew is, of course, sometimes it is also a problem of cooling water. At this time, check if the cooling tower is faulty.

The relevant fault warnings of the compression condensing unit are as shown above. If the relevant faults are found, it is better to solve them in time.

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