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How to test the components of the chip temperature control with a multimeter?

The chip temperature control device is used in components such as chips, semiconductors, and integrated circuits. How do you use a multimeter for these common components?

Transformers, deflection coils, compensation inductors, etc. of electronic components, because the resistance values of the inductive components wound by the wires are very low, the short-circuit faults of them are difficult to measure; the open-circuit faults depend on testing the resistance of the two ends of the components. Should be greater than its normal value (need to know its resistance in advance or find a similar type of component after testing). Test the forward and reverse resistance should comply with the PN junction law, the multimeter value is low blocking (R × 10 or R × 100), when the diode is connected in parallel with the capacitor, due to the capacitor charging and discharging, the test needs to wait for a while, until the resistance is stable. After the diode and the inductor are connected in parallel, the resistance of the inductor is small, which is invalid in the road test.

The forward and reverse resistance between the e-b or b-c poles of the test triode electronic components still conforms to the test rule of the PN junction, and the difference between the forward and reverse resistance values between the measured e-c is smaller. The high power tube is measured with R×100 or R×1K. It should be noted that the transistor is more complicated in the road condition, and only when the PN junction is actually broken or broken, can it be seen that when the resistance of the parallel component between the two poles is too low, it is effective to disconnect the one pole detection.

The measured value of the resistance of the test electronic component must be less than or equal to the nominal value of the resistor (as seen from the appearance of the resistor or see the mark on the schematic). If it is greater than the nominal value, the resistor is damaged. If it is a potentiometer or a semi-adjustable resistor, one end of the multimeter can be connected to the potentiometer moving point, and the other end can be connected to any point. When the shaft handle is rotated, the resistance value should be changed, and the measured resistance value should also be less than or equal to the nominal resistance value.

If there is no short-circuiting component at the two ends of the capacitor (such as an inductor coil), the resistance of the two terminals should be greater than zero, and the capacitor with a large capacity should be charged and discharged. Otherwise, the capacitor has broken down or failed.

Components can be judged by using a multimeter to test whether it is good or bad, which can improve the inspection speed of components, and is also beneficial to the effective operation of the chip temperature control equipment in the test work.
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