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Lneya's high and low temperature cooling circulator instructions

The high and low temperature cooling circulator is developed and produced by LNEYA using its refrigeration and heating temperature control technology. When using high and low temperature cooling circulators, users are advised to use them according to their instructions.

The high and low temperature cooling circulator is a device that uses mechanical refrigeration to obtain low temperature heating tube heating to obtain high temperature, a leak-free shielding pump as a circulation pump, a double-layer glass reaction bath, a stainless steel sandwich reaction kettle and the like. Before using the high and low temperature cooling circulator, open the wooden box and first install the inlet and outlet valves on the liquid inlet. (Note: The upper and lower sides of the machine are marked with inlet and outlet ports, the valve is a shut-off valve, the valve medium flows in a direction, and the valve is marked with a flow direction. The valve and the reaction kettle are docked with a hose, and the inlet and outlet of the reaction kettle should be driven in, out, and react. Keep the liquid in the kettle. Open the high and low temperature tank and add the liquid to the machine to open the machine's circulation switch, let the liquid circulate throughout the system. (Note: To evacuate the air in the system) The cooling medium should meet the conditions of use. That is, it does not freeze under low temperature conditions, and does not boil under high temperature conditions)

If the high and low temperature cooling circulator requires a temperature of 150 ° C, set the temperature control table to 150 ° C to turn on the heating switch and the cycle switch, and the machine will start working. When the material needs to be cooled to room temperature at high temperature, it is necessary to turn off the heating and turn on the pre-cooling. At this time, the material can be cooled to room temperature by cooling. When the material needs to be lower than room temperature, first reduce the material to room temperature, then set it to the required equipment, turn on the refrigeration, the compressor will enter the working state, and the machine will start to cool down.

During the use and maintenance process, try to operate according to the requirements. It is not recommended to change the program by yourself to avoid the failure of the high and low temperature cooling circulator. (This article is from the source network, if there is any infringement, please contact Lneya to delete, thank you.)
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