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Working principle of reaction kettle refrigeration system

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Reactor refrigeration systems are widely used in industry, so basically speaking, reactor refrigeration systems are mostly used in industry. In seasons with high ambient temperatures, the usage rate will be higher. By understanding the operation of these four processes, you can understand their working principles.

1. The refrigerant used in the reactor refrigeration system can not only largely cool down at higher temperatures, but also rapidly improve the quality of the processed product. When using it, it is necessary to understand its cooling principle. After understanding the cooling principle, we will find out what problems have occurred in the equipment, and the reactor refrigeration system manufacturer will be able to detect them in a timely manner to facilitate the search for causes.

2. “If the refrigerant wants to function properly, it must have a refrigerant. After the reactor refrigeration system is thermally compressed by a compressor, a condition of high temperature and high pressure is formed.”.

3. The compressed gaseous refrigerant in the condenser is cooled and condensed at an equal pressure, and after condensation, it changes into a liquid refrigerant, which then expands to a low pressure through a throttle valve and becomes a gas-liquid mixture. After absorbing heat, this mixture will start over as a gaseous refrigerant. The gaseous refrigerant enters the compressor from the beginning through a pipeline, starting the next cycle.

4. Regular maintenance is very important. If the machine works for a long time, it is important to pay attention to the need to add lubricating oil to reduce friction. Refrigeration lubricating oil is a necessary medium for compressor operation, and whether the refrigeration lubricating oil is normal determines whether the reactor refrigeration system can operate normally. Therefore, high-quality lubricating oil should be used, and attention should be paid to whether various parameters meet the requirements.

5. To make the reactor refrigeration system more effective and usable, cleaning equipment is not only for cleaning the surface, but also for regularly replacing the water entering the circulation system. Otherwise, the pipes may become clogged, which can easily cause problems with the equipment.

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