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Use of cold processing refrigerators for mechanical parts and comparison with liquid nitrogen

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In the machinery manufacturing industry, the quality requirements for parts are very strict. In order to better improve the performance of machinery, improve product quality and life, a new technology-cryogenic treatment has been produced. During the cryogenic treatment, the retained austenite in the parts can be largely converted to martensite, which can enhance the wear resistance, strength, toughness and impact resistance of the parts materials, improve fatigue strength and eliminate Internal stress. Because the stability and mechanical properties of the material are improved, the service life of parts is prolonged, the number of replacement parts is reduced, and the production cost is reduced.

Through cryogenic treatment (ultra-low temperature treatment), the crystal lattice of the material being processed has more widely distributed carbide particles with higher hardness and finer grain size; it can produce more uniform, smaller, and more uniform particles in the metal grains. Large dense microstructure.

Ultra-low temperature refers to the temperature range of -20 ~ -150 ℃ used in parts processing and industrial production. This temperature range is widely used in the quick-freezing storage of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, the storage and production of pharmaceuticals, the processing of special medicines, the preservation of cryogenic organisms (such as seeds of rare species), and the performance testing of electronic components at low temperatures.

Lneya independently developed and produced GX, GY series of ultra-low temperature freezer, which is an ideal product to replace liquid nitrogen. Compared with the use of liquid nitrogen, the electricity cost can be saved up to 7 times or even higher; the temperature control accuracy is high, and the accuracy is ± 2 ° C; it solves the unsafe problems such as the transportation and storage of liquid nitrogen and the high transportation costs, which greatly increases Cost of production. The ultra-low temperature freezer can realize the temperature control of -150 ℃ ~ -20 ℃, which can be used for automotive parts, engine parts assembly, various motor stators, rotor assembly, precision mechanical parts assembly, various gearboxes, gearbox Gear, shaft assembly, various hot work molds, cold work molds assembly, in short, is widely used in precision mechanical assembly, especially suitable for ultra-low temperature testing of large equipment.

Lneya people call the GX, GY series of ultra-low temperature freezer refrigerators as bearing cold processing boxes, cold assembly, and use the cooling medium to cool the parts that need to be installed in the base hole to shrink the external dimensions, thereby creating assembly gaps, so that Easy assembly of parts.

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